Sugar skull dessert ideas


sugar skull dessert ideas
Sugar skull desserts would be perfect for any Day of the Dead party. They can also make wonderful offerings to include on your ofrenda if your departed loved ones were partial to eating sweets.

Depending on your needs, you might choose to make a sugar skull cake, cups, cake pops, cookies, or even sugar skull shaped chocolate candy. Are you trying to feed your entire family? Make a cake! Children would be best served smaller individual treats, and of course these same smaller treats would make lovely offerings.

Get creative with your sugar skull cake

If you feel creative, you can make a variety of unique sugar skull cake designs.

  • Use a square or rectangular cake as the base, frost in greens, and browns, and use sugar skull and gravestone cupcake picks to create a graveyard!
  • Do a round or sheet cake with an edible sugar skull design on the top. Edge the sides with miniature decorated sugar skulls.
  • Use a skull shaped cake pan to make a sugar skull cake. Decorate the cake as you would a regular sugar skull.
  • A cake with a sugar skull bride and groom toppers would be perfect for a seasonal wedding.

Decorate your skull cake to be a sugar skull

Make a sugar skull graveyard cake

Sugar skull cake toppers and picks

Great for Day of the Dead weddings, too! In a pinch, the smaller toppers can be used for cupcakes.

Sugar skull cake pops

It’s easy to make sugar skull cake pops. Use round candies for the eyes, then decorate the pop with gel icing to resemble a sugar skull.

Sugar skull cookies

Skull shaped cookies are easy to make with a skull cookie cutter. Decorate your cookies to resemble skulls. Again, the gel icings are best for this project.

It’s easy to make sugar skull candy!

If you have never made candy before, you don’t know how easy it is. Just melt the candy melts in the microwave and pour into the molds, covering the stick completely.

Sugar skull candy molds

Spooky bags for sugar skull treats

For a perfect finishing touch, package your sweet sugar skull treats in black wrapping. This will make it easy for your guests to take your sugar skull desserts home.