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Mexican artist Frida Kahlo


frida kahlo
Frida Kahlo (06 July 1907 to 13 July 1954) was a Mexican artist whose art was influenced greatly by the pain she suffered throughout her lifetime. She contracted polio at age six, and was a victim of a horrific bus accident in her teens. She attended the best schools in Mexico, though it was uncommon at the time for women to be schooled. Frida annoyed her family by wearing men's clothing to family functions.

Frida's marriage

Frida met Diego Rivera, the Mexican muralist, at the National Preparatory school she attended. Diego was painting a mural there at the school. He was married at the time to Lupe Marin. Frida met up with Diego again a few years later, when she came to him seeking his opinion of her current paintings. Their marriage was widely reported in the press due to Diego's fame and Frida's emerging notoriety.

They married in August 1929, but Diego and Frida divorced in 1939. They remarried in 1940, living in separate houses.

Frida's paintings

Painting was a catharsis for her feelings of pain. She represented her pain by adding such things as thorn necklaces, and nails to her portraits.

In addition to her paintings depicting her feelings of both pain and representing her fears of death, Frida painted numerous self-portraits. Many of these images overdramatize her eyebrows and mustache. Frida loved bright colors, using them in her still-life paintings of fruit. She created an estimated 150 to 200 works of art.

Some of her better-known paintings

Galleries featuring Frida's art

Further reading

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frida kahlo Frida Kahlo by Elizabeth Carpenter (Walker Art Center, 2007): This is the art book from the 2007 Walker Art Center exhibition. It is in its own right a gorgeous art book. This includes Frida's biography, beautiful colour plates of her artwork, and also a selection of photos and memorabilia from the Vincente Wolf Collection (now in the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington DC under the title The Nelleke Nix and Marianne Huber Collection: The Frida Kahlo Papers).

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