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Milagros -- Mexican folk charms


Milagros Mexican folk charms
What are milagros? Milagros (lit. 'miracle') are small metal charms representing needs in daily life such as health and food. They can be used as part of an altar setting to reminder a favourite saint about a petitioner's need, or they can be used as an offering of thanks for an answered prayer. They are usually about the size of a thumbnail. This is a form of sympathetic magick which is common in Latin America to this day.

It is not uncommon to see entire altars covered in milagros of silver- or gold-coloured metal which surround the central cross or saint statuary. In many communities, a street vendor will set up shop outside a church to sell milagros to sell to worshippers in need when they visit that church.

Milagros symbolism

Milagros can represent a specific physical ailment, used for spiritual and emotional needs, or to give thanks for a boon. Common symbolism includes:

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