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Day of the Dead sugar skull costume ideas


sugar skull costume ideas
If you are looking for a unique Halloween costume idea, a sugar skull costume would be the perfect choice.

A sugar skull is not merely a bare-bones skeleton, but a reminder that death comes to us all. This makes it an easy costume to personalize to suit your own unique style. You might dress as a priest, a bride and groom, or even Gentleman Death. Simply chose your base costume and accessories to coordinate with your chosen persona. Once your costume is assembled, design your coordinating makeup for a fun costume!

Make your own sugar skull costume

This is actually a very easy costume to make. It’s open-ended enough that you can create any character that is to your liking. A couple might choose modified bride and groom wedding outfits as their costumes. For a woman, a flamenco dancer works very well. Both men and women (and children too) might try a variant on the simple peasant outfit. Death comes to all, after all, so there are no limits on your design if you make your own Day of the Dead costume.

If you can’t sew, of course, you are limited by commercial costumes, or perhaps a visit to the thrift store might be in order.

Women’s sugar skull costume ideas

Men’s sugar skull costumes

Sugar skull costumes for children

Accessorize your sugar skull costume

Once you have a basic sugar skull costume assembled, it’s time to choose just the right accessories to complete the look! Gentleman Death would need a top hat and cane, while his lady might look best in a feathered hat and veil and carry a fan. Peasant costumes might need a straw hat and farm props. Skeleton hand gloves and shoes will enhance these costumes but are not strictly necessary.

Traditional sugar skull makeup ideas and tips

The makeup for a sugar skull costume is more than the standard skeleton head with blacked-out eyes and nose. There are certain markings that are always included: the cobweb on the forehead, hearts and flowers, sometimes jewels. A coloured ruffled flower-like design is normally drawn around each eye. There is of course room for individual variation to match your particular costume style.

If you don’t have a steady hand, you might choose to apply a temporary tattoo of your desired design. These will last all evening and can be removed easily with some rubbing alcohol.

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